Why is experience important for brands?

Key factors why experience is extremely important for brands                 In today’s economy where digital is a large part of people’s lives, experience is extremely important for brands.   Factor 1 – In-store Experience Consider the old economy model, you go to a store, you see the display […]

Content Strategy Report – BCG and Google

Google’s latest report with BCG (Boston Consulting) on Decoding ​Digital Impact in India has some amazing data and insights covering Content Strategy for Digital Marketers in India. Though the report focuses on FMCG, most of the insights are applicable to other industries and especially to your content creation and marketing strategy. There were 3 specific insights from […]

Artificial Intelligence Marketing in India

AI in Marketing is taking off in a big way. At the recent Microsoft and PaulWriter event in Mumbai “Will AI Fuel Marketing Strategies for CMOs”, there were some extremely enterprising Indian entrepreneurs (Microsoft Partners) showcasing their products and the business challenge they are solving with AI. AI brings amazing possibilities in enhancing marketing at […]