Social Media Basics for Marketers

Social Media has forever changed corporate communication. Corporate communication personnel need a new set of competencies. Adopting these changes are essential for each person responsible for the brand and corporate communication. This 5 minute video explores the changing dynamic of communication and the way customers are behaving online. The new competencies marketers require are clearly […]

Fix Social Media ROI Easily

Not surprising that ROI was the number 1 concern for Marketers (Source:┬áThe State of Social Marketing 2017 Annual Report) Top 3 Challenges Facing Social Marketers in 2017: Measuring ROI was listed as the biggest challenge. Tying Social to Business Goals Securing Budget and Resources for Social Why do Social Marketers struggle with Social Media ROI? […]

Report: Customer Experience to Business Strategy

Interesting new report by Altimeter group on Customer Experience. I’ve extracted a finding which is super relevant to any business: “When it comes to experience, customers want relevance and speed, not delight.” The most important elements of an ideal customer experience are fast responses to questions/complaints and the ability to find information quickly. The 2nd […]