Windows 10–Visuals Icons

Totally love the simplicity in UI, the icons used. For instance here are the icons used in the Settings dialog window. Action Center Swipe from the right to access it. It shows me email from Outlook, which needs my attention, and other key actions which I may want to take. Here again, extremely clean, simple […]

Microsoft Edge–The new browser in windows 10

One of the most common tools we all use is a browser, and I find the new Edge browser provided by Microsoft in Windows 10 just super. Fast To say it’s fast is an understatement. It’s fast and snappy. Internet Explorer? IE is still around, and if you want to open a specific website page […]

Windows 10 Installation on Lenovo x220 Tablet

Around 5th of August I received a notification on my computer that Windows 10 is available for my machine. The notification when clicked seem to indicate that it had already downloaded Windows 10. On clicking I realised that was not so. It then proceeded to download it. Installation Smooth! Is the only word I can […]