I've been healing myself and others for more than 6 years now, using Chanting, Reiki and Star Magic. Gift yourself this healing.


REIKI is universal energy. Reiki sessions can be given in person and remotely as well. It works on healing at a physical, mental, emotional and soul level.
Star Magic
Are You Ready to Live at a Level Way Beyond Extraordinary? ‘Star Magic Healing’ is by far, the most powerful energy healing modality on Planet Earth right now. The rapid, lasting and documented results speak for themselves.

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S. A. Dubai, UAE

I contacted Sanjay to help me as I was feeling very suffocated by a certain individual in my energy space. It was pretty intense the way I was feeling. Almost like I was attached by the hip to this person and also was having a hard time enjoying my personal space

Sanjay did my healing and found a cord and other stuff

I immediately felt a release and my body was able to breathe! The suffocation left me immediately and I was able to put up my boundaries with this person! In fact to date I am not feeling guilty for pushing the person gently but firmly out of my personal space. I have a new lease in life.

Thank you Sanjay for such a powerful healing

Meheck Hemnani Mumbai, India

I recieved this amazing StarMagic Healing session from this super potent man... Sanjay

I requested him for a distant healing session at 9:59pm and recieved a confirmation at 10:01 pm
Instantly I started perceiving strange sensations in my body ... I wondered how come he started so instantly... yet I recieved it... all parts of my body were recieving healing ... different sensations in my body stomach back legs feet upper back chest groin legs... I went and lied down... at 10:40 I whatsapped that I am in feeling too many things .. to which he replied ... I shall start at 11:30 PM

Wow... what was this ... This means intention and healing is so powerful that just a confirmation started the Healing process... and after 11:30 ... when he actually began I was so much at peace that I just drifted away ... the next morning I woke up amazingly Energetic with so much lightness and purity in my whole body and mind...

Thanks Sanjay for being there for me... Bless you ... May you be able to heal more and more and more people.

Myra Qureshi Pakistan

I was getting a lot of food allergies, hives and swelling suddenly. I always had some allergies but was able to control them through antihistamines. Something triggered off a huge bout and I couldn’t figure out what it was, since I wasn’t even eating those foods, and medications weren’t helping either. I contacted my friend Sanjay for help. He very kindly assisted; the next day I felt more energy, and my allergies went away. I didn’t have to take any medication. It’s been a week and with a further session where he said he removed more negativity, I feel great and with full energy, and no allergies at all! Thanks Sanjay for your unconditional love and healing.

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