About Sanjay Shetty

Sanjay With Tiger
I bet you’re wondering if that’s a real tiger or not or maybe where is this place, or maybe is it alive? 🙂 Well it is. Hmm now that we’ve got an answer to that little question.

From 20 years largely in the software technology field, that feels like cradling tigers btw, to spending time with community development and being involved in brand advocacy programs. It’s been an awesome ride.

What 20 years ago, community, but social media just came 10 years ago… hmm 🙂 true well I’ve been involved pre-social media in building and supporting social communities much before social media networks became fashionable.

You sometimes get lucky to be with some wonderful people. I’ve had the privilege to hold the honorary title of Microsoft Regional Director (it’s a title given as part of a Microsoft brand advocacy program) where I interact with a select 130 of them worldwide. I’ve been in the program since 1997, as on 2014 that makes it 17 years.

Technology was where I started out, as luck would have it, got to speak at a number of conferences across India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and USA, on Microsoft technology topics ranging from programming, web development, mobile applications and security.

Additionally, since 11 years I’ve led INETA APAC (the International .Net Association in the Asia Pacific region). INETA is a non-profit association which helps support Microsoft technology communities, user groups across the world.

I’ve had wonderful experiences overlooking and helping in community development across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa courtesy Microsoft, Culminis and INETA.

The experiences with INETA, Microsoft, Culminis were my learning grounds, (I’m still learning 🙂 where I learnt the power of community and brand advocates.

These experiences with the community and brand advocates helped me create frameworks like CRUX for Community Building and RIDE a framework for creating a brand advocacy program and CIII a framework for measuring influence of brand advocates.

About this blog

This blog primarily revolves around my experiences with Community, Brand Advocacy Social Media, Technology, and Visual Thinking.

I’ve had disparate blogs on various blogging networks for some time now and felt getting them under one domain made sense and so here I am.

The blog represents my thoughts at a certain point of time, and hey my thoughts do change over a period of time, that’s what is called being open, learning and growing. So yeah don’t be surprised if I have a new viewpoint with a new experience down the line.

And oh yes the most important disclaimer, my posts, rants, opinions all belong to me, they in no way represent my employers, clients, partners, etc.

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