Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Artificial Intelligence Marketing is radically transforming the business landscape. AI is impacting every product in marketing technology, enhancing it and delivering business value, and smart marketers are swiftly getting immersed in it.

From helping predict which leads  are likely to convert and connecting appropriate sales people to leads, to intelligently convey the correct message to the appropriate prospect. AI in Marketing is the next game changer.

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Best AI in Marketing Articles


Artificial Intelligence Marketing Case Studies


Reports on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Turning Artificial Intelligence into Business Value (PDF) – Accenture Report

Summary: The economic and business potential of Artificial
Intelligence has filtered up to the C-suite. But how
can executives weed out the hype while at the same
time guiding their organizations to capture new value
in this promising area? This paper offers a perspective
on how these technologies are impacting business and
society, and presents a framework for understanding
how Artificial Intelligence can deliver value for your
organization and industry.

Why AI is the Future of Growth(PDF)  – Accenture Report

Infographic: AI Technologies

The infographic summarizes the various categories and technologies which fall under AI.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Infographic - AI Technologies by Accenture

Click to access Accenture-Why-AI-is-the-Future-of-Growth.pdf


This report by Mckinsey had some interesting findings, “Leading sectors in digital tend to be leading sectors in AI, and these are predicted to drive growth. We also found that AI has
the potential to accelerate shifts in market share, revenue, and profit pools—all hallmarks of digitally disrupted sectors.” – This report is broader in nature and goes beyond impact of AI in marketing, it explores 5 case studies across Retail, Electric Utility, Manufacturing, Health care and Education.

I found the example usage of helping retain students and help them learn better just amazing – “Civitas Learning and Salesforce collaborate on a service for universities that identifies and engages with students at risk of quitting. The Salesforce tools use machine learning to recommend engagement
strategies to optimize retention and graduation rates.”


Leading edge firms such as Amazon, Netflix have more than recovered millions in revenue or cost savings. Netflix estimates that it is avoiding cancelled subscriptions that would reduce its revenue by $1 billion annually. AI is impacting and transforming key business activities and has wide ranging implications for many stakeholders.  Below are AI Trends found in the Mckinsey study.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends based on Mckinsey Study 2017


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing Software

6 AI Startups We’re Keeping an Eye On

10 examples of AI-powered marketing software (Econsultancy)

Keep Track of AI across Social Media and Digital networks using:

List of Market Research, Sales and Research tools


Market Research

Bottlenose— less time managing data and more time extracting insights
CB Insights— prediction to help decision making
Enigma — brings together internal data and external data
Intelligent Layer— improves business operations from undiscovered data
Mattermark— helps you find the right person within the right company
Predata— helps transform media into investment risk and prediction
Premise— helps large organisations make more impactful investments
Quid— a birds-eye view of any market size, growth and top investments
Tracxn— tracks different industries and startup ecosytsem for VCs
Appier — cross screen marketing to increase revenue
Dataminr— discovers high-impact events and news instantly


AirPR— helps manage PR efforts and media activity
Albert — helps you market better
Amplero — AI-driven B2C marketing platform
Automat — personalised one-on-one conversations with customers at scale
BrightFunnel— helps optimise the full customer journey
CogniCor— automated product queries, Customer on-boarding and more
Crystal— real-time advice for your social and content marketing
Datorama — ML-driven data integration & AI for marketing intelligence
Lattice— helps you discover untapped markets or potential customers
LiftIgniter— personalise web content and eCommerce for each user
Lucep— helps manage lead distribution to sales reps
Maik— improve your campaign marketing
ManyChat— create FB Messenger bots for marketing, sales and support
Mintigo— helps predict leads and increase sales— a single dashboard to manage messaging presence across social
Persado— content platform that generates language that inspires action
Questions — a quicker and less intrusive questionnaire
Radius— helps you find, engage, and convert buyers on social channels
ReSci — helps with customer retention
Rock Fuel— predictive marketing that delivers personalised advertised


6sense— add a layer of predictive and behavioural insights account lists
Aviso — make informed decisions that accelerate sales growth
BloomReach — online shopper insights — record and summarise online meetings to help pipeline closure
Clari— accurately forecasts and shows sales teams where to focus to close
Collective[i]— predictive AI to help achieve more sales
Enquire — better e-commerce search
Fusemachines— automats prospecting, lead qualification and more— get UX/UI design improvement insights for your website
InsideSales— helps gain more relevant sales leads
Nova AI — helps you get meaningful and useful insights on your customers — cloud-based CRM software powered by AI gives sales leaders sales activities and performance analytics — bot builds easily
Roof AI— real-estate lead generation chatbot
Salesforce Einstein— improves business process and customer interactions
Sales Decision Engine— AI-powered sales enablement suite
 — finds meaningful signals in your customer data
Spin — confidential customer feedback
Tethr — gain insights customer phone conversations
TACT — never need log in a CRM again
— track, map and understand user experience
xiQ — helps accelerate sales, monitor competitive activity and more
Zensight— AI for sales professionals


Artificial Intelligence Marketing Videos

Video 1: The Rise of the Super-Intelligent Marketer (Talk by Gerry Murray of IDC on Cognitive Marketing: ):

Video 2:  How Machine Intelligence Will Really Change Marketing By David Raab of Raab & Associates


Artificial Intelligence Marketing Books

Or rather AI books Marketers should read 🙂

Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins (Still reading it, it simplifies AI beautifully)

The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World  (I’ve yet to read this one)