3 core concepts for a successful content strategy

Have you ever sat on a chair with 2 legs, it’s going to be a quick crash boom landing if anything. Three legs is a minimum and ideal is four.

Your successful content strategy similarly depends on 3 crucial concepts, four if you consider the business objective.

Concept 1: The Customer Journey

Customers go through three different journeys with you. Attraction, Conversion and Consumption. And your content needs to address the customers needed in these stages.

Customer Journey v2.1


In the attraction stage the content helps to get them know a little about your product or service.


In conversion they either purchase or sign up to a list or subscribe for more information, the content enables them to undertake some kind of transaction not necessarily monetary with you.


The consumption content on the other hand is designed to help them consume your product or service better.

Each of these 3 kinds of content is very different and serves a very definite purpose. One to enable awareness, the other to aid a transaction and the last to aid consumption.

You need to make sure that your content enables the customer journey.

Content StickinessConcept 2: Content Stickiness

We’re faced with a deluge of content each day. Most of it is boring, exhaustive and and at times difficult to consume and remember. We typically forget 80% of a presentation in less that 24 hours.

Making content stick, memorable is critical. Without this even though your content might be good, it’s not really going to stick around in peoples minds. Creating sticky content is a planned activity.

Content stickiness can be achieved in a number of ways. One of the common ways is by creating a unique mascot which provides a distinct voice to your content and enables it to stick in people’s minds. The other is to provide content which directly address people’s problems. There are 7 different ways in which content can be presented to make it more effective. By far visual content is the most effective in terms of making it easy to consume and remember.

Concept 3: Network Effect

The challenge with content production is that everyone is doing it, and standing out in the midst of all that content with your content is difficult. Moreso customers belief in corporate content tends to be low compared to recommendations by colleagues, co-workers and others customers.

Moreover, you can’t do it alone, not all businesses are designed to content production factories, and you’re never going to have enough budgets to produce the kind and volume of content.

Leverage Influencer and Partner Networks

Leveraging Social Media Networks the right way – Brand Advocates, Partners (and their networks) User Generated Content.

You need to leverage your brand advocates(your most vocal customers) and partners to not only create content for your but leverage their networks to promote your content. User Generated content is by far the most powerful content. You truly leverage social networks when you leverage content created by corporate teams, employees, partners and brand advocates. This also means repurposing content across different formats (text, audio, images) and across different social networks.


In summary, in today’s landscape it’s necessary to create content which targets the different stages, is sticky and at the same time leverages user generated content along with partners and employees. These 3 legs are necessary for a successful content strategy.


The weak link in most content communication strategies

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