How to increase the reach of your video content

Video is the most engaging form of content. However, with more than 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, getting people to view your video content can prove challenging.

Two approaches to increase reach of your video content

As usual with most digital content there are two ways to increase reach.

1. Paid

2. Non-Paid

Paid refers to utilizing the several advertising options available on the YouTube network.

a) Masthead ads, Instream Pre-Roll, TrueView, Search Display, etc. You can target these ads based on types of content, relevant search keywords, demographic and psychographic choices. YouTube sponsorships of channels or individual bits of content are also viable means of popularizing your content. To understand this model in detail I’d suggest you look up the references at the bottom of this article.

Six Non-Paid ways to promote your video content

1. Transcribe

One of the disadvantages of video is that video content is typically not machine readable, what I mean is that unlike textual information, audio words spoken in the video are not searchable. However, there is an in-built functionality in YouTube where in you can use YouTube to transcribe the audio in your video. Additionally, you can replace the machine transcription with your edits.

transcribe video to increase searchability

This ensures that your video content is now available in a textual format which the search engines can look through.

This ensures that the video comes up in searches. YouTube specifically allows you to search within captions.

2.  Submitting videos to other video sites

Video Submission

There are tons of video sites, beyond YouTube, and there are viewers on each of these sites. This ensures you get maximum exposure for your content.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

We bookmark, blog posts, and other content, do the same with your videos, submit it on StumbleUpon, Digg etc.


4. Repurpose Content

Repurpose Content

Convert the video or the earlier transcription into an article, or blog post or extract the audio as a podcast, or convert it into presentations which can be posted on various slide sharing sites.

5. Answer questions with video

Q&A and Forums

Where relevant post replies to questions on Q&A sites and forums with links to your video. However, here I’d suggest that you provide part of the answer on the forum and ask the audience to view the video for more details, else it might turn off people as they might assume it to be a total promotion exercise.

6. Press Release

Press ReleaseOut of all the above I suggest to use this sparingly. Don’t announce just one video but a series covering a topic. This is great for SEO as well. The references section below provides links to sites which enable you to submit a free press release.


Other considerations

1. User Generated Content

User Generated Content - VideoOne of the things you’ll soon discover is that user generated video about your product or service is more likely to gain far more traction. In fact a study by Octoly indicates that:

UGC Fan Video Viewed 10x > Owned Brand Content on YouTube
(Source: Earned Media Rankings on YouTube

2. One at a time:

I’d recommend that you go with one of the 7(including User Generated Content) ideas which resonates the most with you first. Don’t rush into trying all 7 of them. Measure the effectiveness and then proceed.

Video Promotion


1. UGC v/s Earned Media:

2. YouTube Marketing And Analytics: A Primer For Magnificent Success

3. Free Press Releases:

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