What does a project manager do?

Heck what all am I supposed to do she said. When do I do actual work versus do this project management bit. Project management can seem like a mountain as high as the Himalayas for the uninitiated.  So I thought I’d give her the 5 minute visual explanation, and the sigh of relief I heard once she saw it visualized prompted me to blog about this.

Project management is about managing two primary things

Project Management - Product-Service-People-Resources

Managing people and resources and delivering a product or service under various constraints – people, time, tools, money, etc.

Product/Service Management Constraints

Product ManagementThere are various constraints when managing a project :

  • Objectives
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Money




Any product or service needs to meet certain objectives. It needs to be delivered in a certain time, meeting quality parameters and meeting the projected costs.

People and Resource Management

The other aspect of project management is the management of people and resources.

People and Resource ManagementThis involves:

  1. Planning
  2. Managing and Monitoring
  3. Communication – With Client and with team
  4. Mentoring the team – Trouble shooting


All the above is all important, however I believe that more than all the above, project managers are often questioned about…

Value Addition

Value Addition-Innovation Value Addition/ Innovation beyond the stated objectives. This is irrespective of whether it’s a product or service. When you’re delivering a product it could be ensuring ease of use beyond the original requirements e.g. Dominos delivering a pizza and going beyond expectation in delivering it within half an hour or refunding your money. When delivering a service it could be going beyond the expected value as well.

Project Management Cycle

The increasing challenge with project management is however what is called the project management cycle. Innovation or value addition is never static, similarly often the product grows beyond the original brief. This means that project management is not a linear but rather a continuous process of managing the product/service and the people.

Project Management Cycle


There you have it the 360 degree 5 minute visual introduction to project management. Let me know what you think.

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