Windows 10 Installation on Lenovo x220 Tablet

Around 5th of August I received a notification on my computer that Windows 10 is available for my machine.

The notification when clicked seem to indicate that it had already downloaded Windows 10. On clicking I realised that was not so. It then proceeded to download it.


Smooth! Is the only word I can think of. I upgraded my Windows 8.1 loaded Lenovo X220 Tablet. I think this is the first Windows installation ever where I’ve experienced everything working post installation.

No missing drivers

Can you beat that. Everything worked, Wi-Fi, display was perfect. And hold your breath my Tablet Pen worked perfectly.

Thank you Microsoft for a flawless upgrade experience.


A much cleaner interface, don’t know how to explain this, but simplicity and detailing both at the same time.


More later…

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