Succeeding at Social Business

How to avoid the failure trap and Succeed @ Social Business?

A recent client asked this question: What is the ROI of our social marketing initiatives? What are we getting from it? I’ve heard this refrain from countless business managers

Social marketing strategy can seem like a constant frustrating battle

  1. Creating lots of content
  2. Constant requirement to promote your content
  3. Ensuring your content is visible to your audience
  4. Constantly battling for budgets
  5. Justifying ROI – wondering if there is any ROI at all
  6. Is Facebook so Myspace now? Are these fans worth anything at all? What with organic reach going down to 3% or lesser?

Top 3 Social Media Mistakes

Mistake #1: Content Creation

It is so easy to create content on social media that people just dive in and create lots of content. They have a content calendar and various kinds of content, but sadly no ROI.

Mistake #2: Confusing Content Strategy with Content Marketing


Content Strategy vs Content Marketing


Strategy is about figuring out what to do, rather than the act of doing(creating) which is distinctly different from the act of marketing the content you have created.


Mistake #3: Social Media Measurement i.e. Measuring the wrong things v/s Key Performance Indicators

We get excited looking at the number of comments, on a post, excited about engagement and even driving engagement at the cost of achieving business objectives. This happens because one mixes up Social media metrics and business metrics (KPI).

Succeeding at Social Media: The three key elements

The first element in a winning Social, Digital marketing strategy is defining the business objectives.

The second element is to know how to create the right strategy to meet those business objectives

  • Who are you targeting?
  • Start with the end in mind.

The third element is monitoring KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) to know that you’re on track to achieve the business objectives.

After the above 3 things elements are figured out, you then go about the actual job of doing/creating – content, defining campaigns, engagement strategy, influencer, advocate, community engagement etc.

How to Really Start with a winning social media strategy?

Part 1: The first element – Business Objectives

The first step in a winning social, digital marketing strategy is defining the business objectives. If you don’t clearly define the business objective, what hope do you have of achieving it?

Defining the Right Business Objective



“The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions.”
— Peter Drucker
Men, Ideas & Politics

But what are valid business objectives?

How to define the business objective of your social media initiatives

This can be a confusing topic, and the first part of report de-mystifies these concerns and covers the following:

  • How do you define business objectives (without these, ROI is going to be difficult)
  • Avoid wrong business objectives (Avoid Social Media hype)
  • 4 ways to define the business objective (irrespective of the business or industry of your company)

It also addresses questions such as:

  • Can one have multiple objectives
  • How to handle objectives across teams in multiple countries and regions?
  • Where to begin?

Part 2: The second element – Strategy

The second part contains the Digital Thinking Toolkit. A guide for Digital Strategist, Planners, Account Managers.

The problem with Business Objectives is that it’s often greek. Your manager may tell you to increase business and that’s often too vague a definition on which to decide and create your social, digital strategy.

The Digital Thinking Toolkit – helps you understand and translate business speak into an actionable Digital Strategy to achieve the business objective. It contains 6 keys which help you not only understand but also create your social, digital plan.

Creating the right digital strategy

Part 2 helps you with Strategy, it covers the following::

  • It provides a framework to correctly interpret any kind of brief
  • Covers the 6 keys to uncover and create an effective strategy
  • A toolset to create a strategy irrespective of the business requirement


Part 3: The third element – KPI

Social Media metrics can be super confusing as often they don’t help you understand how they are going to help meet your business objective. KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) help you know that you’re on track to achieve your business objectives.

Social Media Often Confuses the Client

Connecting Social Media to Business Objectives

The third part is a critical piece. It helps to show the benefits of social media from a business perspective.

Through a step by step presentation you’re taken through an example where the process of going from business objective, to strategy and then identifying the KPI, which help meet your business objective are explained.

The third part shows you:

  • How to map business objective to social and digital marketing activities
  • How to logically and step by step show your client how the various social and digital marketing activities are important.
  • Shows you how to measure the effectiveness of your Social initiatives
  • How to keep track of your social and digital initiatives and know if you’re on the right track
  • Measure impact of social and digital initiatives on the business objectives


The Three Elements to Succeed @ Social Business

3 Elements for Success at Social Business

Once you’ve got the above 3 elements figured out, your chances of succeeding  at Social will go up for sure. You’ll also find that the amount of time spent doing is reduced to doing those activities that matter.

Not just Blah Blah Blah

I’ve also included a special bonus Mindmap, which will help you easily learn and remind yourself of the key points covered in the report.

Mindmap - How to define the business objective of your social media initiatives

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